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Monday, 8 March 2010

Birthday's p2

We are supposed to be leaving the house about 11.30 so that it gives me time to pick my sons cousins up, we don't leave till 11:40 and the party is supposed to be starting at 12. So we get to the Sports centre and I drop my son and gf off and go and pick the cousins up going my usual route which cuts out a set off traffic lights and stops me having to go back on myself and this would have been fine on any other day as today I have to stop and wait for a dust cart to move, which it decides it's not going to so I make a detour where in front of me is a couriers van, so I have to wait for him to finish chatting until he will move his van, I'm now back on track or would have been had someone not decided to pull out in front of someones moving car and get hit by it, so the traffic has queued for a little bit and when i get there the police are only just turning up, so I am thinking we are going to be here for a while, luckily as no one was injured the cars pulled in to the car park near them and swapped their details there leaving me to do my pick up and head to the party.

I get to the party just after 12 and there are kids everywhere, normally at these things the children turn up in dribs and drabs, but not this time, they are all there on time and when excited kids get together its a nightmare, so I got them lined up and making sure I had them all and led them out to the toboggan slope. Now trying to keep kids together in line is similar to trying to pick up frog spawn (just for you Elaine) in your hands, nigh on impossible, so soon as we get outside they are all off in different directions, but i have a cunning plan, I point to the slope and tell them to head that way, as they go off, I with help with my sons uncle we get a number of sledges and carry them to the slope, we hand them out and that's all that is needed to do, as the kids are off up the slope and zooming down. The smile on their faces in just magical, some though looked like they weren't enjoying it and scared to death but soon as they stopped, they were laughing and back up the slope, so i guessed it didn't terrify them that much.

It gets about half way through the session and its time for me to go and get the food, I have phoned up my local chip shop and have ordered 2o kids meals, which i think is the cheapest ever even when we have done our own food. The choice was nugget & chips, small burger & chips or hot dog & chips (proper sausage though), the total came to just under £25 and that was with a bottle of vinegar and ketchup chucked in. I went to collect them as if we got them delivered to the Sports Centre there would have been trouble because the cafe is supposed to, i think, have exclusivity when it comes to eating on site for parties etc. when i get to the chip shop though they are still cooking some of it and i can tell I am not going to be back by the time they come of the slope. Knowing there is nothing I can do to speed things long I take a seat and sit back whilst they cook, wrap and put everything in the box, they are apologetic about it and I tell them its fine, well it is with me, its when i get in the car and the phone starts to ring that I realise I may have been a bit longer than expected. I arrive back at the Sports centre and head in through the back gate, when I to the slope all the kids are sitting eagerly waiting for their food, which I dish out with the gf and the greatest thing, all the kids remembered what they ordered and everyone got what they asked for, there were no swaps or tears.

With all the kids feed & watered it was time to hand out the party bags go home and have a deserved rest, well the rest part didn't happen but I did get a cup of tea at last, my first tea of the day was at 2.17pm, I have normally had at least three cups by 12 when I am at work, so the body just absorbed this one and i was on to my next in 10 mins flat

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