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Monday, 29 March 2010

What the Fuck

I have been watching Dexter and I have to say it is a great show and yesterday I had to use the tag line of Debra.

I was at home washing up when the gf gets back from her friends hen night, she went Saturday morning which started at a health spa type place and came home Sunday morning after partying the night away, soon as she gets in she asks why I have the bleach out, so tell her it is an empty bottle and I had bleached the bathroom, I meant to say toilet, she goes upstairs to the loo and I hear "Were you alone last night?", I wasn't sure what she meant so shouted back of course I was, I then get "Are you sure, because there is a bra strap on the floor, could whoever you had round not find it?" I reply back I have no idea what she means, I then hear "How could you have bleached the bathroom, without tidying it". I mutter under my breath and carry on washing up. Just before she got home I got some sausages out of the freezer as she hadn't had breakfast, but because she was back so soon they weren't defrosted enough to pull apart, so I offer her some left over frittata that I had made the night before, I heated it in the microwave, but when I offered it to her she turned her nose up, I think it was because it had pasta in it which put a block on as surely pasta is only for dinner, when she said no my son jumped at the chance and ate it all. I continued to wash up but also kept running the sausages under cold water just enough so I could pull them apart when finally they got to the right stage got them apart and in the oven, where I made her Scrambled egg and sausage on toast, I took in to her and had to wake her because she had fallen alseep.

The rest of day I just pottered around the house whilst she slept, this included

  • going to morrisons to pick up bits for dinner,

  • going to the neighbours to borrow a saw and finally cut the Christmas tree up that has been sitting in the garden because the bin men didn't collect it and take it to the tip.

  • making homemade burgers

  • other minor stuff

The burgers went down a treat even though she wasn't that up for them when I mentioned it, I know with hangovers that you need something homely to eat but not healthy. Take away burgers are good on a night out on the way home but for dinner you need a proper burger. The way I make mine is as follows

  • defrost 2 slices for bread and leave on the side for uncovered as long as possible 3-6hrs is best

  • defrost mince or use fresh - about 400g

  • remove crust from the bread and put in to a food processor to turn it to crumbs.
  • break 1 one egg in to a mixing bowl and whisk
  • add mince to the egg and whisk slowly
  • add 1 teaspoon of mustard
  • add salt and pepper
  • when mixed together add bread crumbs and mix slowly again
  • when it is all combined spoon into the burger press and away you go.

With the press I have I get 4 nearly 1/4 pound burgers, there seems to be just enough burger. Once they are made I lay them on a plate and leave in the fridge for about half hour so that they can bind.

Once evening hits i tell my son his friend has to go home as i am going to cook dinner which doesn't take long. Once dinner is finished my son gets ready for bed and i take him and read him a story, he falls asleep quite quickly. I then sort my ironing out and head to the spare room and catch up on dexter and sort my sons clothes and mine out.

When I finally go to bed the gf doesn't because she wasn't that tired, I read for a while and feel I feel my eyelids dropping, so put the book down and fall alseep, not for long though as the gf comes in and wakes me up because she is watching a scary film and wants to cuddle up to me. This is fine except I am struggling to keep my eyes open and shortly pass out.


Just a dreamer said...

So what happened to the bra strap?

IT Barman said...

Unfortunatley not alot, I think I threw it in to the washing pile and carried on.