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Monday, 12 April 2010


Well after 4 days at work the weekend came round quickly not that I was really looking forward to it, I had gone back to work on Tuesday with the beginning of a cold and it just got worse throughout the week. Most evenings I would get home cook and/or eat (was in bit of a daze so can't remember) would fall asleep for about an hour then would head off to the spare room to sleep so I could snore, sniff or cough as loud as I wanted whenever without waking the gf.

Friday came and I was looking forward to an early night and hoping to feel refreshed in the next day, until I realised it was my friends birthday and we were meeting up for a few drinks, so because of this I tried to use mind over matter to cure my cold, well this didn't work so I resided myself to the fact that I would just have to get through the day and then hopefully the booze would fight the cold for me.
When I got home no-one was around so thought I would start on the washing up, i text the gf to see if this meant i was cooking dinner, which in a way it was, because as I sent the text she walks through the door and asks me if I can give her a lift to her hula hoop class, yes there is an exercise class where you hula, from what I can tell though, it is a very good class, I am going to have to spy on them one day. So I drop her off get home and my son wants to play with his friend after I get roped in to carry a double glazed door in to my neighbours garden. I tell him I'll pick him up at six and pop home and put my feet up in front of the tele. I'm not sure what I a, watching but it gets my attention and I notice that I need to pick my son up and haven't got dinner started yet, so I rush on to the kitchen and get the pasta going and pick my son up. Once dinner is ready (Dad's Spicy Pasta) we got in the front room and watch the Simpson's, we are still eating when the gf gets home and asks "I thought you wanted to eat early" I tell her that our son had been playing, so i made it for now, to which "well if I had known you were eating so late you could have waited for me". I didn't really reply to this, I just finished my food and went and lied down on the sofa for a snooze, it was going to be a longish night for me and once again I had taken a battering from my cold.

I woke up about half hour later with my son climbing on me telling me I need to get up, I didn't really feel like it but did, I headed upstairs to make sure stuff i wanted to wear was ironed, luckily it was so I stripped off and headed downstairs to the shower, the gf was looking in the mirror and spotted me naked behind her, I could see the look on her face and before she spoke I managed to say "I am having a shower, I need to try and feel more human", it worked, she let me carry on and the shower did me a world of good.

We leave for the party about 10 mins later than planned but as it is only down the road we weren't going to miss a great deal of it. The party itself was ok, the bar had a good selection of beer and spirits and the buffet that was put on was finished quite quickly. The was a pool table and it was so cheap 20p a game, I felt like we had stepped back in to the 80's with this price, so me and the brother in law took on my gf and another friend in a game of doubles, I haven't played for a couple of years at least but things came back quickly regarding the game and also how my gf likes to put me off, lets say that she used the low cut of the top to her advantage. Her brother and I still beat her team 2-1 though. My son had a great time at the party, he met up with a couple of friends of his and they played on their DS and also messed about a bit in the venue, but other kids were playing to so wasn't to bad. As this was a private club (not a big fancy nightclub) the drinks were very cheap and i only spent £20 on the evening, this was buying my gf all her drinks (actually I think she did get a round) and buying beers for others, I was pleasantly lubricated, we left about half 10 as our son was getting very tired and we knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Spicy Pasta

Approx 200g pasta shapes
peri peri sauce
salt for cooking the pasta
Black pepper
Ham 5-10 slices

1. Cut ham in to small peices
2. Cook pasta and when it is 5 -6 mins from done, add some sweetcorn
3. When pasta and sweetcorn is cooked - drain
4. Add ham, butter and peri peri sauce - Mix well
5. Mill black peper till there is a nice covering and mix again
6 Serve in a bowl with warm bread or garlic bread

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sex at work...Well almost

Before the Easter hols I worked from home, I logged on ready for my 8 o'clock start and saw that nothing was in, talked to my TL for a little bit then asked if I could take my son to school, the gf wanted a lie in and I thought I would try and help out. I got the ok from my TL so off me and my son went. When I got back I made a cup of tea and sat in front of the PC waiting for the usual tickets to come and for me to sort out, luckily with it being close to Easter and the TL not feeling very well we were only getting a handful of tickets through the system.
It got to about half 11 I went upstairs and with a cup of tea for the gf, I thought it was a bout time she got up, when I got there she was sort of stirring so I decided to get in to bed beside her. I started to stroke her hair and rub her shoulders, this made her relax even more, so I moved down to her shoulders then her back. I could feel the way she was relaxed so I carried on down her legs, starting at the top of one on the outside working my way across and down, then reaching her foot and massaging that, swapping to her other leg and doing the same.
I then started to massage her bum and this is where it started to get fun as she moved her legs wider for me so I could move my hands between her legs. I spent quite a while just feeling and touching her, listening to her breathing getting heavier and the small moans escaping her, when she moved on to her knees and told me to get naked, I took the hint and did as she said, from there though I still kept feeling and touching her, not wanting this moment to finish but of course we both started getting very hot and soon we were making love and it felt great, like we used to, there was the primal urge but also the loving and caring that should also be there.
I went and ran the bath and made a fresh cup of tea after that and went back downstairs in case some work had come in.

That started the Easter weekend for me on a high and I guess with all the chocolate that I ate I didn't come down from that high till Monday night when I realised it was back to work in the morning.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Last week we got our sons school report, I was so impressed with it, the different subjects they is so varied to what I remember doing.Listed on his report are
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • ICT
  • R.E
  • History
  • Geography
  • P.S.H.C.E
  • P.E
  • Music
  • M.f.L
  • Art
  • D&T

For all the above he got 1's apart from R.E where they gave him a 2, but I don't see this being a bad thing.

Last night we had his parents evening and as we where there a little early we had chance to look through it literacy and numeracy work books. Looking through them I was amazed at the quality of his work, I did more checking of the teachers comments than I did of the work as these would help me spot if there was something he need extra help on or guidance but I couldn't find anything apart from praise. It was finally our turn to meet the teacher and once again I had to try and sit in one of the kiddie seats, I have no problem with this except I feel like I am back at school. We started talking with the teacher and she only had praise for him and said that the teacher who gave him a 2 for R.E was harsh and she would ignore it. He is currently in the top sets for numeracy and literacy and his keystage level at the moment is above the national average by quite a bit, not just him though the whole class seem to be doing so well, he is also socialising well with all the other children and doesn't just stick to one group of friends. One thing that she told us was that he has been placed in to a gifted and talented group for numeracy, this group misses assembly once a week and they will do some extra learning., when told I just had this smile right across my face. So last night I spoilt him and brought us all takeaway.

Monday, 29 March 2010

What the Fuck

I have been watching Dexter and I have to say it is a great show and yesterday I had to use the tag line of Debra.

I was at home washing up when the gf gets back from her friends hen night, she went Saturday morning which started at a health spa type place and came home Sunday morning after partying the night away, soon as she gets in she asks why I have the bleach out, so tell her it is an empty bottle and I had bleached the bathroom, I meant to say toilet, she goes upstairs to the loo and I hear "Were you alone last night?", I wasn't sure what she meant so shouted back of course I was, I then get "Are you sure, because there is a bra strap on the floor, could whoever you had round not find it?" I reply back I have no idea what she means, I then hear "How could you have bleached the bathroom, without tidying it". I mutter under my breath and carry on washing up. Just before she got home I got some sausages out of the freezer as she hadn't had breakfast, but because she was back so soon they weren't defrosted enough to pull apart, so I offer her some left over frittata that I had made the night before, I heated it in the microwave, but when I offered it to her she turned her nose up, I think it was because it had pasta in it which put a block on as surely pasta is only for dinner, when she said no my son jumped at the chance and ate it all. I continued to wash up but also kept running the sausages under cold water just enough so I could pull them apart when finally they got to the right stage got them apart and in the oven, where I made her Scrambled egg and sausage on toast, I took in to her and had to wake her because she had fallen alseep.

The rest of day I just pottered around the house whilst she slept, this included

  • going to morrisons to pick up bits for dinner,

  • going to the neighbours to borrow a saw and finally cut the Christmas tree up that has been sitting in the garden because the bin men didn't collect it and take it to the tip.

  • making homemade burgers

  • other minor stuff

The burgers went down a treat even though she wasn't that up for them when I mentioned it, I know with hangovers that you need something homely to eat but not healthy. Take away burgers are good on a night out on the way home but for dinner you need a proper burger. The way I make mine is as follows

  • defrost 2 slices for bread and leave on the side for uncovered as long as possible 3-6hrs is best

  • defrost mince or use fresh - about 400g

  • remove crust from the bread and put in to a food processor to turn it to crumbs.
  • break 1 one egg in to a mixing bowl and whisk
  • add mince to the egg and whisk slowly
  • add 1 teaspoon of mustard
  • add salt and pepper
  • when mixed together add bread crumbs and mix slowly again
  • when it is all combined spoon into the burger press and away you go.

With the press I have I get 4 nearly 1/4 pound burgers, there seems to be just enough burger. Once they are made I lay them on a plate and leave in the fridge for about half hour so that they can bind.

Once evening hits i tell my son his friend has to go home as i am going to cook dinner which doesn't take long. Once dinner is finished my son gets ready for bed and i take him and read him a story, he falls asleep quite quickly. I then sort my ironing out and head to the spare room and catch up on dexter and sort my sons clothes and mine out.

When I finally go to bed the gf doesn't because she wasn't that tired, I read for a while and feel I feel my eyelids dropping, so put the book down and fall alseep, not for long though as the gf comes in and wakes me up because she is watching a scary film and wants to cuddle up to me. This is fine except I am struggling to keep my eyes open and shortly pass out.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bithday Overload

And yet another birthday or should I say two, last Friday it was the gf's Birthday and we all went out for dinner, but this was a mission in itself just to plan and this wasn't even secret planning and yesterday was my gf's brothers gf's daughters birthday (I have no idea how she would be related to me) and this was ok just lots of people in a cramped space.

The planning for my gf's birthday was nice and easy to start with, gf, son me, book a table and go, nice and simple but all that gets changed when her mum says "your Great Gran and Auntie are coming over to see the new baby". The gf's brother has just become a dad (which I think makes me an uncle but without any marriages i don't think it counts) so they are coming over to see the new arrival and also because it lands at the same time come out for dinner with us. This wouldn't be a problem if they lived in the next town, but they are coming all the way from Germany, this is a trip that takes about 5 to 7 hours depending on the roads etc. so the early dinner that the three of us were going to have, will now need to be booked at a different restaurant for a later time.

I book a table and the way the numbers work out the least there could be is 4 the most 12,this is how I worked it out

4 - me, gf, son gf's youngest brother.

8 - me, gf, son, gf's youngest brother, gf's mum, gf's step dad, gf's great nan, gf's Aunt.

8 - me, gf, son, gf's youngest brother, N, D, N&D's 2 sons

12 - me, gf, son, gf's youngest brother, gf's mum, gf's step dad, gf's great nan, gf's Aunt & N, D, N&D's 2 sons

If your head got round that then you need another drink :)

Right so actually turned up, me, gf, son, gf's youngest brother, gf's mum' gf's step dad, gf's great gran and gf's auntie.

Yes the German relatives made it over in time for dinner, trouble was by the time they arrived my son was so tired that he got upset easily and also tried to play up. When he realised though he could go up and get his own food and behave like a grown up though, that was it, he would get up, get something to eat, get most of it back, eat that and was off again. The evening went well and even though I wasn't drinking due to having to drive i made up with the amount of food I managed to get inside me, which reminds me I am back on the exercise machine tonight.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Birthday's p2

We are supposed to be leaving the house about 11.30 so that it gives me time to pick my sons cousins up, we don't leave till 11:40 and the party is supposed to be starting at 12. So we get to the Sports centre and I drop my son and gf off and go and pick the cousins up going my usual route which cuts out a set off traffic lights and stops me having to go back on myself and this would have been fine on any other day as today I have to stop and wait for a dust cart to move, which it decides it's not going to so I make a detour where in front of me is a couriers van, so I have to wait for him to finish chatting until he will move his van, I'm now back on track or would have been had someone not decided to pull out in front of someones moving car and get hit by it, so the traffic has queued for a little bit and when i get there the police are only just turning up, so I am thinking we are going to be here for a while, luckily as no one was injured the cars pulled in to the car park near them and swapped their details there leaving me to do my pick up and head to the party.

I get to the party just after 12 and there are kids everywhere, normally at these things the children turn up in dribs and drabs, but not this time, they are all there on time and when excited kids get together its a nightmare, so I got them lined up and making sure I had them all and led them out to the toboggan slope. Now trying to keep kids together in line is similar to trying to pick up frog spawn (just for you Elaine) in your hands, nigh on impossible, so soon as we get outside they are all off in different directions, but i have a cunning plan, I point to the slope and tell them to head that way, as they go off, I with help with my sons uncle we get a number of sledges and carry them to the slope, we hand them out and that's all that is needed to do, as the kids are off up the slope and zooming down. The smile on their faces in just magical, some though looked like they weren't enjoying it and scared to death but soon as they stopped, they were laughing and back up the slope, so i guessed it didn't terrify them that much.

It gets about half way through the session and its time for me to go and get the food, I have phoned up my local chip shop and have ordered 2o kids meals, which i think is the cheapest ever even when we have done our own food. The choice was nugget & chips, small burger & chips or hot dog & chips (proper sausage though), the total came to just under £25 and that was with a bottle of vinegar and ketchup chucked in. I went to collect them as if we got them delivered to the Sports Centre there would have been trouble because the cafe is supposed to, i think, have exclusivity when it comes to eating on site for parties etc. when i get to the chip shop though they are still cooking some of it and i can tell I am not going to be back by the time they come of the slope. Knowing there is nothing I can do to speed things long I take a seat and sit back whilst they cook, wrap and put everything in the box, they are apologetic about it and I tell them its fine, well it is with me, its when i get in the car and the phone starts to ring that I realise I may have been a bit longer than expected. I arrive back at the Sports centre and head in through the back gate, when I to the slope all the kids are sitting eagerly waiting for their food, which I dish out with the gf and the greatest thing, all the kids remembered what they ordered and everyone got what they asked for, there were no swaps or tears.

With all the kids feed & watered it was time to hand out the party bags go home and have a deserved rest, well the rest part didn't happen but I did get a cup of tea at last, my first tea of the day was at 2.17pm, I have normally had at least three cups by 12 when I am at work, so the body just absorbed this one and i was on to my next in 10 mins flat