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Friday, 9 April 2010

Sex at work...Well almost

Before the Easter hols I worked from home, I logged on ready for my 8 o'clock start and saw that nothing was in, talked to my TL for a little bit then asked if I could take my son to school, the gf wanted a lie in and I thought I would try and help out. I got the ok from my TL so off me and my son went. When I got back I made a cup of tea and sat in front of the PC waiting for the usual tickets to come and for me to sort out, luckily with it being close to Easter and the TL not feeling very well we were only getting a handful of tickets through the system.
It got to about half 11 I went upstairs and with a cup of tea for the gf, I thought it was a bout time she got up, when I got there she was sort of stirring so I decided to get in to bed beside her. I started to stroke her hair and rub her shoulders, this made her relax even more, so I moved down to her shoulders then her back. I could feel the way she was relaxed so I carried on down her legs, starting at the top of one on the outside working my way across and down, then reaching her foot and massaging that, swapping to her other leg and doing the same.
I then started to massage her bum and this is where it started to get fun as she moved her legs wider for me so I could move my hands between her legs. I spent quite a while just feeling and touching her, listening to her breathing getting heavier and the small moans escaping her, when she moved on to her knees and told me to get naked, I took the hint and did as she said, from there though I still kept feeling and touching her, not wanting this moment to finish but of course we both started getting very hot and soon we were making love and it felt great, like we used to, there was the primal urge but also the loving and caring that should also be there.
I went and ran the bath and made a fresh cup of tea after that and went back downstairs in case some work had come in.

That started the Easter weekend for me on a high and I guess with all the chocolate that I ate I didn't come down from that high till Monday night when I realised it was back to work in the morning.

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