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Monday, 12 April 2010


Well after 4 days at work the weekend came round quickly not that I was really looking forward to it, I had gone back to work on Tuesday with the beginning of a cold and it just got worse throughout the week. Most evenings I would get home cook and/or eat (was in bit of a daze so can't remember) would fall asleep for about an hour then would head off to the spare room to sleep so I could snore, sniff or cough as loud as I wanted whenever without waking the gf.

Friday came and I was looking forward to an early night and hoping to feel refreshed in the next day, until I realised it was my friends birthday and we were meeting up for a few drinks, so because of this I tried to use mind over matter to cure my cold, well this didn't work so I resided myself to the fact that I would just have to get through the day and then hopefully the booze would fight the cold for me.
When I got home no-one was around so thought I would start on the washing up, i text the gf to see if this meant i was cooking dinner, which in a way it was, because as I sent the text she walks through the door and asks me if I can give her a lift to her hula hoop class, yes there is an exercise class where you hula, from what I can tell though, it is a very good class, I am going to have to spy on them one day. So I drop her off get home and my son wants to play with his friend after I get roped in to carry a double glazed door in to my neighbours garden. I tell him I'll pick him up at six and pop home and put my feet up in front of the tele. I'm not sure what I a, watching but it gets my attention and I notice that I need to pick my son up and haven't got dinner started yet, so I rush on to the kitchen and get the pasta going and pick my son up. Once dinner is ready (Dad's Spicy Pasta) we got in the front room and watch the Simpson's, we are still eating when the gf gets home and asks "I thought you wanted to eat early" I tell her that our son had been playing, so i made it for now, to which "well if I had known you were eating so late you could have waited for me". I didn't really reply to this, I just finished my food and went and lied down on the sofa for a snooze, it was going to be a longish night for me and once again I had taken a battering from my cold.

I woke up about half hour later with my son climbing on me telling me I need to get up, I didn't really feel like it but did, I headed upstairs to make sure stuff i wanted to wear was ironed, luckily it was so I stripped off and headed downstairs to the shower, the gf was looking in the mirror and spotted me naked behind her, I could see the look on her face and before she spoke I managed to say "I am having a shower, I need to try and feel more human", it worked, she let me carry on and the shower did me a world of good.

We leave for the party about 10 mins later than planned but as it is only down the road we weren't going to miss a great deal of it. The party itself was ok, the bar had a good selection of beer and spirits and the buffet that was put on was finished quite quickly. The was a pool table and it was so cheap 20p a game, I felt like we had stepped back in to the 80's with this price, so me and the brother in law took on my gf and another friend in a game of doubles, I haven't played for a couple of years at least but things came back quickly regarding the game and also how my gf likes to put me off, lets say that she used the low cut of the top to her advantage. Her brother and I still beat her team 2-1 though. My son had a great time at the party, he met up with a couple of friends of his and they played on their DS and also messed about a bit in the venue, but other kids were playing to so wasn't to bad. As this was a private club (not a big fancy nightclub) the drinks were very cheap and i only spent £20 on the evening, this was buying my gf all her drinks (actually I think she did get a round) and buying beers for others, I was pleasantly lubricated, we left about half 10 as our son was getting very tired and we knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Spicy Pasta

Approx 200g pasta shapes
peri peri sauce
salt for cooking the pasta
Black pepper
Ham 5-10 slices

1. Cut ham in to small peices
2. Cook pasta and when it is 5 -6 mins from done, add some sweetcorn
3. When pasta and sweetcorn is cooked - drain
4. Add ham, butter and peri peri sauce - Mix well
5. Mill black peper till there is a nice covering and mix again
6 Serve in a bowl with warm bread or garlic bread

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